Mom Abandons 1-Month-Old, Then Dad Writes THIS Letter To Her On Facebook…

He expected a normal life as a father, but it took only a month after his daughter was born for Richard Johnson to realize things were going to be far from normal.

The daughters mother disappeared to California with the child. Then Richard received a message from her that she had changed her mind on being a mother and was going to put the child up for adoption unless Richard came out to get the child himself. He dropped everything and fled to Cali immediately.

He had fear about the prospect of being a single dad. How do you successfully fulfill the role of both mother and father? Richard turned to the internet and found a site called Life of Dad. It changed everything for him. So much so that he had to pen a thank you letter to the founder of the website. This letter has since received thousands of likes and hundreds of supportive comments.

Here is a sampling of one of the comments he received:

Not only do you sound like a great father, but also a compassionate person, wrote one woman. It probably hasnt been easy for you, but I think you deserve extra props for speaking like a true father & man on behalf of your daughters situation/relationship with her mother.

Richard explains in an interview he gave how he was overwhelmed with anxiety at first but then was able to come to peace with his situation with the help of Life of Dad:

At first, when I was alone, I was so depressed that I didnt want to see a bunch of happy couples with their kids. But as I came out of that, I was checking Life of Dad and saw there were other single dads out there. Theres such a terrible stereotype of deadbeat dads, but I know thats not always the case. Sometimes people are dealt a terrible hand, and its inspirational to read their stories.

Richard has since moved in with a woman with a six month year old child. While they are not romantically involved, they instead share parenting duties while supporting one another with the struggles of single parenting.

He desperately wanted his daughter Persephone to have a motherly type influence. He says, I was never around babies, I certainly did not know anything about girls, but I asked around to older friends who had raised girls. I practiced braiding hair and, Im not bragging, but now I can braid hair better than most women can. She still has no hair, but I want to be prepared!

It sounds like Richard is coming along just fine now and is performing dad duties to a tee, while finding ways to be the best parent he can be, given the circumstances.

Richard closes with the following which shows how much he adores his little angel:

Now I look forward to every day because its so incredible to see her. She smiles when I look at her. Shes my best friend and my little shadow. I talk to her about everything I know she doesnt completely understand what Im saying, but one day she will

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Mom Abandons 1-Month-Old, Then Dad Writes THIS Letter To Her On Facebook…

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